Whenever you bring home a puppy, the biggest challenge for everyone is how to take care of it, which food is best for it, what are the necessary things that you need, to bring it up and how to train your puppy? As many pet owners commit huge mistakes due to the lack of knowledge and end up ruining the health or habits of their pet. Here is the the complete guideline and answer to all of your ambiguities.

Things to do when you bring home a puppy:

Following are some tips and necessary things to do whenever you bring home a new puppy.

Which puppy is best for you :

The key point is to…

Name cheap is a web hosting site but it is best known for its discounted Domain Registrations. It was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. Name cheap is gaining attention because of its versatility and affordability. Name cheap offers you to create 3 websites. While, all other hosting sites offer a single website. So, it adds great value to have a personal and a business site. Name cheap has currently 3 million customers with 10 million domains registered.

Name cheap covers most of the hosting types including shared, managed Wordpress, VPS(virtual Private Server)machines, Dedicated Servers and private email hosting too…

Quantum Teleportation is a technique to transfer quantum information of a particle from one place to another without any medium.

Yes many successful experiments have been done on quantum teleportation. But the first successful longest distance teleportation was done by china.

In 2017, China’s researchers reported that they have succeeded in teleporting a photon to a satellite present somewhere on the lower orbit of the universe. This news spread like a fire in the whole world. Commoners started presuming that china has teleported a person from one place to the other as shown in movies. But, this is not true.

In this age of science and technology children and screen are inseparable. Wherever we go we see the people (both children and Adults) around us engaged in their phone, tablets, laptops and TVs. We can’t deny the fact that some screen time can be beneficial for social and educational development. But excessive use of screen is harmful for both children and adults. Here’s a road map of how much screen time is safe for different age groups and how to control screen time.

Unstructured playtime and more interaction with the people is more valuable for young children. As mental growth…

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